Generic Drift is a science podcast where Harvey and Adam talk about science, the universe and everything else. From dinosaurs to neanderthals, and artificial super intelligence to astrobiology - there’s something for anybody interested in learning a little bit more about the world we live in.


Harvey head


Harvey is a technology communications consultant with a background in zoology. He lives in London but is originally from the Isle of Wight - a small island off the south coast of England (he talks about it all the time).

On the podcast, Harvey tends to talk about astronomy, dinosaurs and robots.

You can find him tweeting at @HEBroadhurst.



Adam is a biologist characterised by a fascination about the processes of evolution, and major fear of interacting with its creations. He is currently working towards his PhD at the University of York investigating patterns in the way that insects schedule growth and reproduction throughout their lives.

Often on the podcast Adam talks about animal behaviour, evolution, and early Homos. He does a fair bit of grumbling about space and dinosaurs.

 His twitter handle is @MrAdamBakewell.